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Hey all.
I just wanted to let you all know that i will no longer be posting my icons to this journal. Instead i'll be posting them in my regular journal which can be found here.
Its just getting too complicated with the two journals, and i prefer the layout of the other one, so i figured it would be easier to switch.

If you like my icons and would like to continue seeing them please please friend me at redrockfairy  either by clicking on the links in this post, or by the link in the header. I'll be leaving this journal open so that the icons already posted here will still be visible to anyone who likes them, but i will not be updating this journal.
Im sorry if this is annoying or inconvenient, but it just makes my life a little easier. 

I love you all, and thankyou for all your amazing feedback, i hope it continues at redrockfairy. Thankyou xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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The Man in the Iron Mask

This film has been one of my favourites since i was about ten. It is set in 17th century France, under the rule of King Louis 14th (leonardo Di Caprio). A tyrant, who cared more about his clothes than his people. It features a return for the three musketeers, Athos (John Malkovich), Porthos (Gerard Depardieu) and Aramis (Jeremy Irons) who are now retired. D'artagnan (Gabriel Byrne) still serves the king as a musketeer. The three friends are unhappy with the kings rule and plot to replace him with his twin brother Phillipe (Di caprio aswell) who was hidden at brith and then imprisoned. 
The photography is amazing, the sets and costumes are breathtaking and the performances are spell binding. Also, the music is second to none. I higly recomment this film to everyone. I was asked to provide a set of Gabriel byrne icons from this film but decided to just do the whole thing. I hope you enjoy them as much as i did making them.
Comments are love, credit is unnecessary, they are not bases!! However, if you like one and want to edit it, please let me know.

57) Man in the Iron Mask



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Crash icons

I thought it had been too long since my last batch of film icons. Seen as the last one was a light family comedy, i thought id go for something a bit deeper this time. "Crash" is a very emotional film set in present day L.A. and it focuses on the racial tension and prejudice that inhabits all kinds of people in the city. Its definitely one to put on your "to-watch" list. A star-studded cast including Sandra Bullock, Brendan Fraser, Ryan Phillipe, Terrence Howard, Matt Dillon, Don Cheadle and William Fichtner.

Trivia: Sandra bullock wanted to be in the film so much, she even paid for her own travel costs.


30 icons in total

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some more random icons

Some left over contest entries and some mighty boosh (mainly julian)! Enjoy!

3) Gary Oldman
14) Mighty boosh/julian barrett
3) Bleak House
4)Harry Potter
3)Kirsten Dunst
3) Keira Knightley
4)Phantom of the Opera
2) Scarlett Johansen

2) Mighty boosh/julian Barrett banners
1) Gary Oldman banner



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First batch of '08 icons!!

Hey!!! So, my first icon post of 2008. Got some text icons and some Vintage men icons, as well as a few other titbits. All the usual rules apply, credit is not necessary but comments are love, textless icons are not bases but if you want to use one for your own icons please let me know. 
Okay, enjoy!!

8) Vintage men
10) Song lyric icons
3) Waynes World
7) Doctor Who
5) Cate Blanchette
3) Keira Knightley
1) Sean Bean
2) Joaquin Phoenix
1) Julia Roberts
26) P.s.I love you
1) PSILY banner 



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The Haunted Mansion

Been a little obsessed with this film lately and so i had to make a set for it. These are textless icons but are not bases. The Nathaniel Parker picures at the end were taken from, all textlesspictures were screencapped by me from the dvd. Usual rules apply. Enjoy xx 

87 icons in total


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Dvd collections

 Just thought id post a list of my dvd's. Take a look and if you want me to do a set of icons for any then please let me know. 
* marks sets that have already been done.

Moulin Rouge* (Ewan Mcgregor, Nicole kidman)
The Haunting (Liam Neeson, Catherine Zeta Jones)
Stepmom (Julia Roberts, Susan sarandon)
Bring it on (Kirsten Dunst, Eliza dushku)
V for Vendetta* (Natalie portman, Hugo weaving)
American Beauty (Kevin Spacey, Mina Suvari)
Still Crazy *(Bill Nighy, Billy connoly)
Jane Eyre (Ruth Wilson, Toby Stephens)
Drop dead Gorgeous (Kirsten Dunst, Denise Richards)
Waynes World (Mike Meyers, Rob Lowe)
Crash* (Don Cheadle, Matt Dillon)
Leon* (Jean Reno, Natalie Portman)
Narnia (James Mcavoy, Liam Neeson) 
Peter Pan* (Jason Isaacs, jeremy Sumpter)
Big Fish (Ewan Mcgregor, Albert Finney)
Man in the Iron Mask (Jeremy Irons, Gabriel Byrne)
Twelfth Night (Helena bohnam carter, Toby Stephens)
Phantom of the opera (Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum)
Dodgeball (Ben Stiller, VInce Vaughn)
Walk the line (Joaquin Phoneix, Reese Witherspoon)
Legally Blonde 1&2 (Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wilson)
Doctor Who Series 2 (David Tennant, Billie Piper)
Harry Potter 1,2,3,4 &5
The Haunted Mansion*
(Eddie Murphy, Nathaniel Parker)
Stardust (Charie Cox, Claire Danes)
Mansfield Park (Billie Piper, Michelle Ryan)
Northanger Abbey (FelicityJones, William Beck)
Emma (Kate Beckinsale, Samantha Morton)
Scrub Season 2&3 (Zach Braff,Sarah Chalke)